Meet Katie Bauman, the woman who wrote the algorithm for black hole image

It was a big day for all of us and even bigger day for the women scientists as April 10 will go down in history as the day where the scientists were able to capture the first supermassive image of the Black Hole.

The image was captured using the Event Horizon Telescope. The telescope is part of an array of eight radio telescopes installed in different parts of the world.

It managed to capture the image that sits at the centre of the Messier 87 galaxy and is 55 light years away from the earth.

This massive achievement is led by the 29-year-old woman Katie Bauman who wrote the algorithm for capturing the Black Hole.

According to a daily, the Computer Science-Electrical Engineer had no idea about the black hole until she tagged along for a meeting with Harvard University Astronomer Shep Doeleman who directs this project.

When she left the meeting, she had a feeling that this is what she wanted to work on.

In 2016, her TED talk focused on how to take a picture of a black hole and how the scientists and astronomers must come together to make things happen.

Three years later, Katie Bauman saw her dreams come true.

Here’s Katie Bauman with 5 petabytes of data necessary to image a black hole.