Meet our upcoming beat boxer!

How many of us know what beatboxing is?

Using our mouth, lips and tongue we can mimic drums and other musical instruments. We came across an upcoming beat boxer Gokulakrishnan who is a freelancer and an engineer. He is young, skillful and aspiring. He is related to the Grammy award winning Indian percussionist Thetakudi Harihara Vinayakram, also known as Vikku Vinayakram. We wanted the world to know about this ace talent as we all could know about some of his life changing moments and the struggles he is facing in performing this art form. He has done over 125 shows and continuing his passion by seeking all possible ways.

1. When did you get that spark? When did this all start? When did you decide that you want to be a beat boxer?


I used to make some crazy sounds with my throat. One fine day, it all started with Suttum vizhi sudaray song from Ghajini. The rhythm of the song inspired me more to get into this right from the first beat.

2. Do you know any other beat boxers at that time?

Ever since I started the vocal percussion I never knew this art called beat boxing. As years passed by, my father and I attended a fusion concert and one of the accompanists was making sounds in his mouth and from that show I came to know the name of the art. Even I don’t know the art name when I started. I found it after 3 years of my initial stage.


3. What are all the shows you have done so far?

College cultural, classical concerts & A capella.


4. Now it is the technology that ruling our world, what is the future of beat boxing?

One way I can say instead of musical instruments people can opt for body percussion and beat boxing to find new trends. Also, A capella paves the way for that. Future of this art depends on the individual who takes it in a consistent manner irrespective of the hindrances he/she face.

5. What are the genres you would love to experiment with?

Dub step and few more.


6. Tell us some of the contemporary artists you admire?

Tom thum.

7. Who would you love to work with in the future?

Almost with all music directors at least for one song in my life time.

8. Name the people who are standing by you and helping you to move forward.

Friends, Mom and of course audience.


9. Is there any health risk in beat boxing?

Of course, it depends on the tricks you use for your style. But, when there is a true passion, definitely an alternative solution comes in your way.

10. How would you rate India in beat box world?

Its growing and hope it will grow more in future.

11. What is the idea that changed your life ?

Change is the step we have to take when things are not going in our way. To be frank, my father’s demise and fear of balancing my life and family made me to take a change and be more progressive.


12. What do you want to say to people who wants to follow their dreams?

When you have a genuine and true instinct, it will come out for sure. So respect your own God’s gift and also find the alternative methods to run both your profession and passion simultaneously.

He is one flawless example for inspiration. He ran many miles to attain this and built his own beautiful future. He believed his dream and success kissed him. We wish you to sparkle more!


He updates his performances in his face book page

He handles a YouTube channel too