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Men’s day special | A photographer with insight | Reynold John

Reynold John is a Mysore based photographer full of instincts and insight who gave us an opportunity to talk about his love for monochrome and candid photography. Here goes our conversation with him.

When and what made you realise that photography is your passion?

I always had a passion for photography since my childhood days. I get it from my dad, he always carried his Yashica camera with him and I was his model. I’ve been doing it on and off for a few years.

 Tell us about the photographers who have influenced you so far!

Robert Frank and Edward Weston. I have always loved monochrome photography these two men are the best when it comes to documentary photography.

Career choices you had before. 

From Working in the Middle East to an entrepreneur now photography. I must say a roller coaster ride.

What motivates you to take pictures? 

A lot of things motivates me to take pictures. I don’t have one in general. It depends on what I see and how I see it and I capture it.

What makes you click a picture of something that you look? 

I’ve always believed that time can be captured in a photograph. It can be simple things. When your creative and nature is your playground you get inspired and capture things that only you can see. You don’t need an expensive set to take pictures. I’ve always believed that candid pictures of a person or a place or an event are worth what you see and take.

Explain your favourite shot? 

I do have a few of my favourite shots. Most of them are documentary photography and candid photography.

What software or technology you use to retouch your clicks? 

Adobe Photoshop, I use it on my phone it’s simple and user-friendly.

Explain your style! 

I am more of a documentary and candid photographer.

Your plans in the upcoming years in this field. 

I definitely see a lot of potential in this field. I would love to venture into travel and lifestyle photography.

Follow him here: Rey J Photography

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