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Music is my visiting card: Maria Jerald

Maria Jerald is a famous musician in the short film circle. He has composed for more than 50 short films and is the man behind the music of 9 Thirudargal, Peigal Jagirathai, etc.  Penbugs had an interview with the man himself ahead of the International Men’s day. 

You are a part of more than 50 short films. How do you see the journey?

I think these short films are the reason why I am doing this interview today. They started my career. Music is my visiting card. Do you know at first I had no idea to do short films and was reluctant to do one? I thank each director for teaching me new things from their way of getting work from me.

What is the major difference you saw while composing for the movies from short films?

a) If you are asking about my first two movies it was like a horse in a race. Had to run as I was told in a default template. Learnt a lot about what to do and what not. And also working in a movie needs more workforce and assisting. I hadn’t any help for my movies, so it was a bit pressurised too. My suggestion to other composers is to have companions to work in features b) In future I would like to experiment with new things. I need to correct my mistakes and set a new path. 

If there is a style you’d like to work more in the films?

I don’t follow a certain style. I blend with what the directors want. Sometimes directors accept what I do and some guide me to what they want. I enjoy from the former and learn from the latter.

Your inspiration?

Yuvan, Isaignani, Isaipuyal, MSV, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, Ennio Morricone

The favourite of your composition?

This is a quite hard choice. In each composition, I will think my stuff got over as this will be the best. And after the next comp, my favourite jumps to the new one. I’m yet to do my most favourite one.

Your future projects?

In talks. Will share the happy news once finalised.

Since this is for men’s day special, please share us a few words about the day?

People want to be friends with successful persons. But ignore the friend who tries to be a successful person. Support a friend who is near you. And to the budding artist like me set the goal you want to achieve. Accept the criticisms ignore the mockeries. Success – This is a magic word which turns your mockers calling you a best friend overnight. Don’t lose hope. Keep achieving your dream. 

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