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My daughter is the happiest at the moment: Pujara on lockdown

Indian batter Cheteshwar Pujara opened up on how he is spending time during this lockdown.

“My daughter is quite young so if I keep the camera on her she is really happy. Most of the times Puja, my wife, is around but with both of her parents around, she is happiest at the moment. She also enjoys playing and I make sure that she is looked after well. We try and do creative stuff with her. She is very young and energetic, she wants to play so we make sure to engage her in indoor games, sometimes she likes colouring and I try to help her with that. We have a small garden at our house and we play badminton with her – not proper badminton but she plays with a racquet and a shuttle,” said Pujara.

He also added that he can manage if he had to be isolated alone.

“If I have to be isolated I can spend enough time with myself and I don’t need anyone (laughs). I like reading books, so I’ll do that. Fortunately my family is around but still I think I would manage,” added Pujara.

He added that this is a much-needed break for all the sportsperson because they keep playing a way too much.

“I would say that this is the right time for everyone to take a break because the guys have been playing a lot of cricket so I think this break is not going to harm anyone. Most of these guys are professionals enough to still work on their fitness. Once the cricket starts, I’m sure they will be ready for it, stay fresh mentally and physically. I’m sure whenever we play next, even if they haven’t been playing lot of cricket recently, but this break will help them stay fresh,” concluded Pujara.

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