My Dear Aditi…!

Dear Aditi Rao Hydari,
2007-2008. The time when the cable TV operators used to telecast new movies on their private channel. One day, I happened to see a movie. I had no idea about the cast, crew anything. Since my granny was a fan of classical music, this movie had them all and I ended up watching it fully. That was the first time I fell in love with you, Aditi.

Also, those days, we had channels that repeated used to play the new release Hindi songs. A year later, when ‘Masakali’ took over, I was hooked to ‘Genda Phool’ as well. After hearing the song for like million times, one day, I happened to spot you in the song, and I was surprised. Happy as well. I watched the movie because that had you.

I wasn’t a crazy stalker until I went to see London Paris, New York movie. I loved you in that. It was special. The song ‘Woh Dekhne Mein’ from the movie still tops the playlist. I couldn’t stop but go gaga about it.

While I followed all your works and liked them, it was Guddu Rangeela. The movie was special.

People who know me know that I’m a crazy fan of Chinmayi Akka. Now, imagine the happiness when I came to know that she sang for you in the movie. Yes, I literally hear sooiyan sooiyan daily. It’s something I cannot describe in words.

Then you took everyone by storm with Kaatru Veliyidai. I watched the movie thrice on screens just to see you. Every single song in the movie made me go like ‘Saar Aditi saar’. Well, now, I do the same now every time I come across your post on Instagram.

Yes, I’m a super crazy stalker there. (I’m so good that I keep ‘unsending’ texts that I sent you on Instagram already. Of course, I don’t want to sound creepy.

I have this big banner of one of your advertisements near my place. Been years now, It’s like my lucky charm. I never go a day without seeing it.

It is like positive energy for me. I do write a diary and there is not a single day that goes by without mentioning your name. I had to fight depression and anxiety and I felt comfort whenever I saw your pictures. I feel better whenever I see you. I don’t have any clue why but a few things are special when it is left unexplained.

There is something special about you that I don’t have the words to explain. Of course, you have no idea that I exist, of course, this might not reach you. You might laugh at it when you read it but still, I just want to thank you for being there. Through your pictures, posts, movies. I badly wish to meet you at least once.

You will always be my love.

Happy Birthday, Aditi. I love you more than you’d ever know. Thanks for being an inspiration.

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