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“My friends’ support keeps me going”, says Deva, an upcoming DJ

He was the DJ on my wedding! I didn’t even expect that he will make my people dance. We all were on cloud nine that whole night! His choice of songs, reading the crowd moment by moment everything made my day full of Josh.

Deva is a charming and young DJ who wants to become a Sound Engineer. This Chennai guy is 23 now and passionate about becoming a Sound Engineer and he is working hard to achieve it. We wanted people to know that he has butt load of talent and spontaneity to study and access people’s minds and play rhythms according to the audience’s mood.

So here are the few questions which we asked him and wanted to promote his talent as he deserves to be.

When did you start DJing – and what or who were your early passions and influences?

When I was in school, I saw a DJ performing in my cousin’s wedding in Bangalore. In those times, there will be CDJs only. CDJs used to play music with CDs and his style of performing before the people made me go near him and I was quite impressed. Then, I decided become like him and started learning about DJing. My influences are Hardwell , Martin Garrix, Tiësto, Steve Aoki, DJ Snake ,David Guetta, Justin Bieber, Skrillex and many more.

I grew up listening to their songs and I used to collect most of the songs, it is kind of my hobby. I built myself by learning about the software in YouTube when nobody was in my home.

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

HAHA!! Mentioning one track is quite tough for a DJ 😀 Cheap thrills, Animals, Get Low, Sorry, Closer are my all time favourites.

How do you scan the mood and favourites of the audience and play it instantly?

First of all, I am an ardent song lover. And I feel like I can easily connect to the audience and play according to their mindset. Studying people is an art. However, it needs a lot of practice. At times I may not have some songs which audience ask me to play. But we DJs, have broadband with us and we instantly play it for them.

Where do you think the scene is headed?

My aim is not only DJing, I want to be a Sound Engineer and I’m saving money for that. DJing is the platform to become what I want to. But, I won’t stop DJing because it made me reach people and it grooms me in many ways. So, yeah! I want to be a Sound Engineer.

If you want to be permanently in one era of music. Which era would that be?

My favourite genre is Electronic Dance Music which is called as EDM and Progressive House. The reason is, these are the genres I started hearing at first and I love to play the tracks in these genres!!

What kind of shows have you done so far?

I do perform in weddings, outdoor parties, late night and noon parties. I have done around 100 shows so far.

Which button do you prefer the most?

Cue! I love to tap the Cue button and also the loop button.

Do you have any favorite song but you have never played it?

No I have played all my favourites.

Do you own any website or personal space to post your updates?

Cue Code Entertainment is my Instagram profile name. That is my space where I post my events and shows


So how do you feel when people dance to your rhythms?

It feels great. Whenever I have mood swings, I used to see the videos of my shows where people dance to my tracks. When the show time is over some DJs stop the music but I won’t stop until the audience do.

How do you promote yourself?

Mostly my friends (like you all) do the promotions for me. I do have visiting cards and also I use Facebook and Instagram pages to update my shows. But my friends’ support keeps me going.

Are you going to do DJing full time?

Currently, I am not doing it full time. But once I own a sound studio I will.

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