Naan Sirithaal Review: Gives you giggles here and there

Naan Sirithaal. The title actually reveals what we are up to. Adding to that, We have seen multiple movies with the hero having an unusual problem, how he hilariously gets into trouble and works his way to escape from it.

This is the template which we normally follow. Naan Sirithaal follows the same template too. Aadi leads a calm life with his family, girlfriend and his friends. He has a unique problem which is laughing at the wrong time called pseudobulbar affect.

One day, Aadi who goes on to search one of his missing friends become a part of gang war led by KS Ravikumar and Ravi Mariya. How his laughing at an inappropriate time puts him into trouble and how he gets out of it forms the crux of the story.

The story looks good and of course, when I heard it, all I wanted was to get out there and have a few moments of giggles. Something, I had when I watched Sixer. There are a few comedy scenes which made me laugh but a lot of them fell flat. Maybe, it would work for others, for you.

While others have certainly done well, Aadi undoubtedly steals the show with his reactions. There are a few scenes he went overboard too but still, he managed to pull it off.

The songs do not add anything to the story which it should have and I would have preferred a music album which invoked laughter. The chemistry between the father and son looked better the lead pair.

It looks like Yogi Babu must make an appearance in all the upcoming movies. Here, he does his job just like he usually does.

The best scenes in the movies are surely the sequence with friends.

The movie is engaging and is likeable but might fall flat if the comedy is not working for you. I had my moments.

This movie is a good break for the weekend, go enjoy with your family.

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