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National shutdown: CM Edappadi speech excerpts

“Corona is spreading like wildfire. I’m not asking as your CM but as a family member”

“Let’s come together irrespective of our caste and religion, politics and let’s stay safe”

“Severe action will be taken on those who doesn’t follow the orders”

“Follow… “Wake Up, distance yourself, stay home”

“If you think that you have symptoms, please go and check with the doctor. Don’t take medicine of your own”

“Just like how everyone in your family is important for you, every single person in this state is important for us”

“Please don’t think that this 21 days is like vacation. Stay home”

“The essentials for April month will be given now”

“Rs 1000 will be given in the Ration shops for the card owners and for this, Rs 3700 crores alloted.”

“Our Government is taking essential steps to fight this challenge”

“3780 Crore Rs alloted for the medical team and 10,518 hospital beds are alloted.”

“We need support from people to succeed in this. While people are coming to get their money, please make sure to distance yourself from others”

“Please understand the extreme situation and please stay at home”

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