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Nithyanandha creates his own ‘country’, names it ‘Kailaasa’

Yes, you read that right. While the police are searching for the rape accused man, Nithyananda is busy with his new ‘country’, Kailaasa. 

He bought a country on his own, apparently, nearby Ecuador, the exact place cannot be verified. 

Kailaasa has a website as well ( where it talks about the so-called greatness of Nithyananda and his “works”.

From the website- 

“Kailaasa supports causes such as gender equality, fight against global warming, universal access to holistic education and healthcare, vegetarianism, and more.” 

“Kailaasa’s mission is to share with today’s world the practical applications of Sanatana Hindu Dharma and its science of enlightenment, to bring that successful life and lifestyle to the world as a service.” 

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