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Pant is young and will learn from it: Virat Kohli

The Indian captain Virat Kohli, during an interview, said that Rishabh Pant is young and will learn from his mistakes.

“He’s still young. I made many errors when I was young in my career and he will learn. He will look back and think yes, he could have chosen a different option in that situation and he realises that already,” Kohli said.

Kohli also appreciated the way Pant batted after losing early wickets.

“He (Pant) is an instinctive player and did well to overcome that situation and stringing a partnership with Hardik (Pandya). I think the way they played after the loss of three wickets, four wickets rather, was quite commendable. I am sure he will reflect on it and he will come out stronger,” he said.

“So all these guys have a lot of pride and passion to play for their country and they are the ones who feel the most disappointed when a mistake happens. From the outside, it looks like it was an error but the person who makes it trust me, they are the ones who suffer the most with it.” Kohli added.

Meanwhile, New Zealand will take on England for the title on Sunday. India who was knocked out by New Zealand will have to move on to focus on the West Indies tour that starts on 3rd of August.

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