PM Modi speech live: Lockdown extended till May 3

PM Modi addressed the nation today and spoke about various things. He said that India is doing well compared to many developed countries and the social distancing has worked well. He also said that everyone suggested an extension in lockdown, so there is an extension till May 3.



Stay safe wherever you are- Modi concludes his speech

 I urge people to respect corona warriors — doctors, nurses, sweepers and police personnel. Please be kind to people who work with you in your business and industry. Do not terminate your employees.

I urge all to show empathy and not sack employees during these times. Respect and honour our police personnel and health officials.

Make sure you take proper care of the senior citizens.

Till 20th April, all districts, localities, states will be closely monitored, as to how strictly they are implementing norms. States which will not let hotspots increase, they could be allowed to let some important activities resume, but with certain conditions.

Modi says that the Health department has improved in recent times. New facilities are added day by day, number of beds are increased and young scientists are coming forward to find vaccines.

Talking about the measures taken to support the daily wage workers, Modi said, new guidelines will be made keeping their interests in mind. Rabi crops cutting is on, and the measures will be taken to reduce their problems.


The way the virus was spreading, we spoke to the experts on how to curb it. Many experts, CM and even common people suggested lockdown extension.

Social Distancing has paid off well in the battle against coronavirus. While it might seem expensive, it is necessary for the people of India.

 PM Modi says India acted very early to contain the coronavirus problem. “Screenings started even before India reported any Covid-19 cases,” says PM Modi, adds, “We didn’t wait for the problem to get out of hands”. He also says that India didn’t wait things to get out of hands.

 It is unfair to compare with any other country. However, we cannot deny some realities. If is true that India is in much better position than some of the developed countries.

You have been a witness to how India has fought coronavirus as compared to other countries.

He says it is festival time in most of the places as it is new year but the way people are celebrating it following the norms is inspiring.

PM Modi remembers BR Ambedkar on his birth anniversary.

I am aware that everyone has had to sacrifice a lot. But all have discharged their duties like a soldier. I thank you all. Our Constitution says “We the people of India”. This is what it is.

I know the kinds of difficulties the people of India have been tolerating for days to protect the country. You have faced difficulties with food, work, but you are still resolved to fight.

Our fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic is progressing with strength.

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