Protest as much as you can, CAA won’t be taken back: Amit Shah at Lucknow rally

Addressing a rally in Lucknow, Amit Shah said that the Citizenship Amendment Act will not be taken down despite the protests.

Amit Shah said: “Today I have come to Lucknow to say it aloud that whoever wants to protest, can protest, but the CAA won’t be taken back.”

“The anti-CAA parties are spreading propaganda and spreading illusions that’s why the BJP is running the Jan Jagran Abhiyan, which is a public awareness campaign against those who break the country,” he added.

He then lashed out at the opposition parties, asking them where they were when the refuges in the other countries are forced to convert or even killed.

“Those people who talk of human rights like a fashion today and come out with armbands, I want to ask them, where were your human rights lost when crores of people were killed, converted or forced to take refuge,” he asked.