Railways to offer massage services in 39 trains!

Yes, you read that right.

The Indian Railways on Saturday announced massage services for passengers on board running trains. The service will be made available in 39 trains deporting from Indore.

According to an official, this proposal will fetch Rs 20,000,00 a year whereas the deemed earnings will be Rs 90 lakh (towards ticket) as it will approximately see 20,000 more passengers in a year.

The foot or head massage will be available under three categories – gold with non-sticky oil at a cost of Rs 100, diamond (oil/cream/wipes) for Rs 200 and platinum (argan oil/cream/wipes) for Rs 300. The service will be provided for a time period of 15-20 minutes to each passenger.

The Railways will issue proper ID cards for the authorities and they will be travelling on the train, each train will have three to five authorities.

The new massage initiative will be part of the ‘New Innovative Non-Fare Revenue Ideas Scheme’ or NINFRIS, an initiative to produce more revenue for the railways.

Last year, the non-fare revenue was around Rs 330 crores. This year, the Railways look to earn more through the NINFRIS initiative.