Reality sucks

Just like the girl in the picture, we all would have waited for the signal to turn green every other day. But in mind we would have thought, “If I started a little earlier, I might not have to wait for this stupid signal”. But in real, you are still waiting in the stupid signal. Yes, this blog is about reality!


We all think reality is just as simple as it is! But deep inside we know reality sucks, isn’t it? Why do we think “reality” sucks? Because we don’t accept it. We want something better. We are expecting something else to happen in our life, a promotion, a baby, a new house, an on site opportunity.

You all are able to relate to this topic, right? “REALITY”.

What can be done to make reality delightful?

We, humans, live in a concrete jungle, jungle made of bricks and cement and we tend to be broadminded in our desires, we dream big. Also, we make mistakes. But do we accept that we make mistakes? No!

Do we take the responsibilities for our bad decisions? No! We give a reason for every bad decision we take. As I said before, we live in a sophisticated jungle. One difference between the real jungle and the one we live in is that animals prey only when they are hungry, only when they need. But, we tend to build the desire even if we don’t need. How many unused dresses you have in your closet? How many times you would have shopped online just because they display an offer?

One more important factor which makes us not to accept reality is fear. “What about our future?” We are not living today? We want to jump to the conclusion. We want to know what is next. No patience within us.

Most of all, ACCEPTANCE. Accept that this is something we have to face now. This moment will pass but now, let’s face it. This is the motto which should replay again and again if we need to make our REALITY A DELIGHT.

Reality will suck after reading this blog but understand to take the necessary steps to make it a delight.