Rest in Peace, the king of wordplay!

Comedy is a serious business. Not everyone can survive there. Be it writing a script, acting in it. It takes a lot. A lot to make sure you convey the right message through your wittiness. It will take a toll on you if not done right.

Let me tell you why Crazy Mohan is great. Try writing a script that can make people laugh irrespective of their age. It’s difficult, isn’t?

Crazy Mohan continuously did it for years. In the generation where theatre and the plays are dying, he had his own set of audience who made it to his shows no matter what. One of my favourite plays, ‘Chocolate Krishna’ had at least 500 shows.

Of course, not everyone can master writing and make us all laugh especially when it comes to movies. All of his movies, the wittiness and humour he brought in with those amazing wordplay can only make us giggle even though we don’t want to. Joining hands with Kamal Haasan, he has given us movies that are laughing riot. Movies like Panchathandiram had so many jokes that even today when we watch the movie we find something new to laugh at.

The man was always been down to earth and was always hunting for something new. As he said (he advises the same for the youngsters as well), he was a good listener, an avid reader that kept him going.

I cannot pick a particular movie or a dialogue to tell how great he was because I loved every single work of his. If you look closely, his works were always clean, at least most of them. He never used ‘shaming’ jokes, double meaning jokes, he always wrote the script by making fun of the situation rather than the person. Maybe, that’s why he stands out in this vast industry.

Guess, the Gods were so bored that they wanted to invite him to heaven to entertain them.
As he goes to heaven, his ‘crazy’ stay here through his movies and works.

Rest in Peace.