Roger Federer minted on Swiss coin, available for fans to buy

Roger Federer

Swissmint honours the Tennis legend Roger Federer by releasing a 20 Swiss Franc silver coin with his face minted on it.

Federer becomes the first living person to get the recognition of being minted on the Swiss currency. Federer holds the record for the highest number of grand slams (20) in Men’s Tennis.

A press release from Swissmint said that there is no reason not to honour Roger Federer. ” “As well as being probably Switzerland’s most successful individual sportsman, he is also the perfect ambassador for Switzerland. There is no other Swiss person in the world as well known as Roger Federer. One could almost lose count of his tennis records,” it said.

It is also to acknowledge the charity work he has done for Children welfare since 2003. “He is just as active off the court,” the release said.

Pre-booking for fans to buy the commemorative coin was opened on December 2, 2019. Swissmint is planning to release it by 20.02.2020 and it has also planned to come up with a minted 50 franc gold coin in May 2020.


Soon after the announcement came, the Swissmint website got crashed due to traffic. “We had 2.5 million clicks. It was too much for the shop to handle,” said Swissmint CEO Marius Haldimann.

“We expected and planned for high demand, but we never imagined it would be this big. When Roger posted a link on his social media channels the website immediately had problems due to all the traffic. Some fans could access the shop but could not finish the order. Others could not get onto the website,” he added.

Of the 35000 that is available for sale, 15000 is already sold and the remaining is expected to be over soon once the website is up and running.

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