Sachin, the man, the God!

This is going to be a long post. I’m writing the things that come to my mind about Sachin. I’m not even reading it. So, ignore the Grammatical glitches.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Only a few names in this world are as powerful as this. Right from 1990’s, this has been the most common household name.

Been 29 years since the young 16 years old fearlessly stood up for India for the first time. Lesser did we know that he will become the ‘God’ of cricket. I mean, who would have thought?

In the early stages of his career, The kid made the heads turn with his excellent performances. Though he had big scores to his name, He just wasn’t the most feared.

Winning was never easy for the Indian team with the kind of players we had against the mighty Australian team. In fact, those days India failed against most of the teams, but Sachin began to make a mark.

He started to win games for India. Even when the players around him failed, he stood tall at the other end, helped India to win matches.

From then on, he taught us how to win. If you do something for the first time, people who fail to achieve same will start to look up to you, and there started the love for Sachin.

The love soon became endless and emotional. We lived with him, we grew with him, we shared the same goal, we cried whenever he failed on 99, we enjoyed whenever he crossed 100, we laughed and cried with this man.

In his career, he has played every possible shot, in every possible place on the ground. Right from the uppercut to helicopter shot he did it all. Not only us, the current best players also looked up to Sachin.

Also, If not for him, most of the people wouldn’t be supporting Mumbai Indians now!

The days we took off to catch his game, the times we fought with our parents to buy the MRF bat. We drank boost after watching him on the AD. How crazy we were to look into nook and corner for his posters and cards. How proud we felt when we had Sachin’s card while playing the cricket card. Even while playing video games, we fought with our friends/siblings to play as Sachin.

So many so many memories.

I know I’m blabbering but you know it’s Sachin. The only cricketer who made me cry many times in my life. The man who taught me things which nobody did. Someone who stood by me through his knocks.

If I’m here, ranting about cricket with few things I know, it’s because of him. He is the only person who still makes me check social media profile often. He is happiness or beyond that.

All I wish for is to go back in time to enjoy his knocks now.

Thank you for everything, Sachin.