Smith was imitating Chris Rogers and not Jack Leach, says Langer

Recently, Steve Smith became the talk of the town after accumulating runs in the ongoing Ashes series. The former captain helped Australia to retain the Ashes for the first time in 18 years. Since it was coming home after a long time, the celebrations went wild.

Steve Smith was seen celebrating by wearing spectacles which seemed like he was imitating England’s Jack Leach who played a major role in helping England win the Test match at Headingley.

Talking about it, Justin Langer dismissed the rumours and told that Smith was trying to imitate Chris Rogers.

“I was there, I know the truth, they were talking about Chris Rogers who was here four years ago,” Langer told reporters on Tuesday.
“Chris Rogers is a great mate of the squad, that’s what it was about. People can make of it what they like. We can’t do anything about what people make of it. Experience tells me when you’re doing well people try and pick holes in you. That’s OK, that’s life. Everyone in this room, around the world, has seen the great spirit the World Cup and this series is played in. People can make of it what they like but that’s the truth.”

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Langer who has been a part of many famous Australia victories told that he was not impressed by the celebration of the current generation.
“That celebration was two out of 10 to some of the ones I have seen because we knew we had to play three days later,” he said.
“When you have a good day you have to celebrate it as long as you move on and get ready for the next one. There is a good feeling in the group. They know there is still unfinished business and we are looking forward to this last Test match,” he added.

Trevor Bayliss also turned down the controversy. ” Fake news like Donald Trump says,” said Bayliss.

“No one has mentioned it or spoken about it. It’s all talk from you guys (the media).”

Both the teams will head to the Oval for the fifth and final Test. Australia leads the series 2-1.