Sometimes aka Sila Samayangalil

Sila samayangalil aka Sometimes is the movie about a medical result of seven strangers in a testing centre.

Seven people who thought that they are infected by HIV take a medical test and wait for the results till the evening. They got so anxious that they wanted to bribe the woman working in the application counter. It leads to one ending which is the major twist of the movie.

How AIDS terrorize people and the stigma it creates if the result is positive is the major theme of the movie. This movie definitely creates awareness and it strikes a nerve. It talks about a greater issue than AIDS which is the impact of society on how you live and what are comments we face if we are diseased in such a way. What will happen if we pressurise ourselves by jamming our mind with the useless negativity.


Movie could have been much more engaging. Pre climax and Climax made us to anticipate too. Overall a good watch!

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