Sports can be brutal…

Sports can be brutal. It is heartbreaking. Unfortunately, the game had to end with only one winning team. Never mind, there were two champion team who won the game in their own way. At the end of the day, everything matters. What you leave behind, what you teach your kids and there were two teams who taught plenty and has left a legacy behind.

Sometimes, you have to go through all these heartbreaking and thrilling moments. These are all life lessons. It makes you stronger in many ways because nobody out there came into the team without working hard and every single story has something extraordinary to teach you and inspire you.

There was a country which went down badly four years ago, only to end up as the winner, the efforts put in was mammoth. The player who took up the responsibility to finish the game was the one who wasn’t a part of 2015 World Cup was brutally trolled and abused after the final over of 2016 T20 and he had come a long way to lead his team from the front with the bat. There was an “alcoholic junk” who had no aim or whatsoever but played his part in the final. There was this guy whose future was uncertain a year ago only to help his team win by bowling the final over. There was this leader who took the choice of smiling and accepting the defeat even it was super close. There was this guy who ended up as communication manager at a start-up because he was too much into cricket that depressed him and wasn’t helping his performance. A year later, he was out there taking his team too close to the victory. There was this guy who had only two toes on his left leg tried his best to take his team home during the final delivery.

Be whoever you want in the team but it will not make you anything less of a champion.

There are millions of such stories that might inspire one or the other in a way or two. Maybe someday when you are looking down and out and is searching for a purpose, one of this story might inspire you to take up a life. That is why we should do sports. That is why kids should do sports because it is important to teach them that nobody is perfect and the imperfections make the world pretty, the way how everyone fought back to rise from the rock bottom make them pretty.

To show them that,
It’s okay to win a match like this.
It’s okay to be gracious in the defeat.
It’s okay to get inspired.
It’s okay to accept the defeat.
It’s okay to be aggressive.
It’s okay to be passionate.
It’s okay to idolize anyone.
It’s okay to get inspired by your opponent.
It’s okay to be anything and anyone
Unless you are not hurting or abusing others.

Tell them, it’s okay to be who you are and what you do.
Tell them to choose their idols
Tell them to get inspired by the millions of beautiful stories around them. Tell them the importance of defeat and make them understand why these heartbreaking moments will make them a better person.
Tell them to appreciate the best,
Tell them to encourage the worst.
Tell them to be themselves.
Tell them to be unique.
Tell them that things will come around.
Tell them that life will be better.
Tell them that their day will come.

At the end of the day, nothing matters the yesterday you and making sure to grow daily.

Sports gives you life lessons and matches like yesterday are once in a lifetime experience and it teaches you good in many ways. Accept them, grow, move on, grind, come back, repeat instead of talking about what-ifs and what nots.