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Super-Over rule changed for ICC Knockouts


The Super-Over rule which created a lot of ruckus in the recently concluded 50 over World Cup final in England is changed in the ICC Board meetings held at Dubai.

In the final of the ICC World Cup, 2019, England and New Zealand played each other at Lord’s. Ben Stokes played an extraordinary inning while chasing 242. Scores were tied and the match went into super-over.

After a thrilling super-over which also ended up as a tie, England was declared the winner based on the number of boundaries scored.


It created a lot of discussions and controversies. The ICC Cricket Committee had recommended to change the rule as it wasn’t fair for a team to lose after scoring an equal amount of runs.

The Chief Executives’ Committee agreed that use of the Super Over as a way to decide results at ICC events will be retained. However, with a few changes.

In group stages, if the Super Over is tied the match will be tied. In Semi-Finals and Finals, the Super Over will be repeated until one team has more runs than the other.

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