T20 WC, IND v AUS: Poonam and Priorities

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Poonam runs faster. Jumps. Releases the ball. There is a flight, curve and it teases the batter to come out of the crease. As the ball kisses the pitch, the batter is halfway down and has no idea how to face it. The batter completes the shot and releases that she completely missed it out. Yadav once again jumps in the air and this time with a vengeance. She knocked the batter out. India has a breakthrough.

More often, she annoys you. She isn’t sexy with the ball as her idol Warne but she knows how to get the job done. Her hand isn’t covering the ball fully as it does for Warne and her quick run, the action makes it difficult for the batters to read the variations. You cannot keep walking down every single delivery for Poonam. You are trapped if you do so.

Poonam’s height works well for her and her magic hands rewrite the fate of the clash. She is ready to do anything for the team. Tell her to cross the fire for the team, she would do. Tell her to give up her favourite food, well, she is already doing that. She would do anything to put India on top. What can you expect from a daughter of an army officer?
All they know is to put the country first.
Poonam was doubtful for the World Cup when she injured herself while fielding during the practice session. She missed out the tri-series. Considering the fact that Women’s team doesn’t play much as the men’s she didn’t have enough match practice getting into the squad, except for the warm-ups. While the first warm-up against Pakistan got washed away, India took on West Indies in the next, Where she bowled the final over.

“It’s not over until it is”, they say. In the case of Poonam, it’s true. She was defending 11 runs in the final over against the former champions. After giving away boundary in the first delivery, Poonam found her way not only to defend the total but to pick three wickets. This determination has always been the key to her bowling and it helped her captain to rely on her no matter what is the situation. No matter what is she going through.

Today, she came in when Australia was in a comfortable position. Poonam still suffers from the finger injury but she knew she had to pick wickets and put the team front.

You cannot just dismantle players like Healy or Perry at their home and make them look like losers. She did. Poonam did. She embarrassed Australia at their home and they had no answers for her bowling despite the fact that they hated it. They hated it majorly because we are humans and we judge. Every time she rolls her finger, it is surprisingly hard to read her.

As India march forward for the next game, she might not be as triumphant as today but she certainly will trouble the batters and they are going to hate her for doing so.

Once again, she might not be the sexiest bowler but she knows how to get the job done for the team becauseā€¦ priorities. Love. The thirst to lead from the front. The love-hate relationship with Poonam’s bowling is all that we need today.