Taiwan legalizes same-sex marriage; becomes first in Asia to do so!

In a landmark vote, Taiwan Lawmakers legalises same-sex marriage, becomes the first in Asia to do so.

The lawmakers comfortably passed a law on Friday, allowing same-sex couples to form “exclusive permanent unions” and a second clause that would let them apply for a “marriage registration” with government agencies.

The vote came after Taiwan’s top court ruled that not allowing same-sex couples to marry violates the constitution. Judges gave the government until May 24 this year to make the changes or see marriage equality enacted automatically.

On Friday, Thousands of gay marriage supporters assembled in front of the Parliament despite heavy rain where the vote took place.

This is a historical achievement for all the activists who were fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ community.

After the vote, the Taiwan President took Twitter to write about it.

Courtesy: CNN