TEDx was one hell of an experience: Vijay Pravin Maharajan opens up!



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TEDx was one hell of an experience: Vijay Pravin Maharajan opens up about his life & much more!

Growing up, I drew inspiration from TED Talks. As their slogan goes, the ideas are certainly worth sharing, and they are inspiring as well. There are millions of videos and people who make a mark through the talks. Recently, I came across Vijay Pravin Mahajan, a data scientist, who shared his knowledge at the TED Talks, Germany. When I read about the man and his brilliant journey, I was moved, and it was inspiring. 

Ahead of this men’s day, I wanted to get in touch with the man himself and Penbugs did. 

Here is his interview, and I hope that it will inspire you as well. 

Let me start with the basic, tell us about your native and family.

I was born in a Village – South Achampatti (தெற்கு அச்சம்பட்டி) near Sankarankovil, Tirunelveli district. Right from my birth, I live in Thoothukudi, since my parents work there. We are a family of four. Dad, Mom, myself and younger sister. 

Dad, Maharajan, did all the hard yards by starting as a police constable, currently working as a Sub-Inspector of Police. Mom, Chandra, working as a Government School Teacher. Sister, Naveena, has a Masters degree in Bio-Technology from CEG campus, Guindy, is currently working as a Research Scientist in Biocon Industries, Bengaluru. 

I got married last year. And my wife, Rathina Mangai holds a Masters degree in Computer Science Engineering from CEG, Guindy campus, and she is right now working as a Software Developer in a startup in Munich, Germany. 

And Germany…

Well, I had a rough time during bachelors degree. I had to redo my first year of engineering, because of some issues with Panimalar Engineering college management. I had this inferior feel where I lost one valuable year. I got an opportunity to present my project in an international conference in Singapore, during my final year of Bachelors degree. That exposure changed my views. I wanted to read well, go abroad. I wanted to do a masters in one of the world’s best universities. Hard work paid off when I got into number 1 ranked university in Germany. 

Well, economically a lot cheaper when compared to US / Canada. Also, I’m a guy who travels a lot. So far, I’ve been to 22 countries. Germany being the centre of Europe allows me to travel everywhere with ease.

Coming back to your career, You recently spoke at the Data Scientist conference…

I used to perform well (I think so) at Siemens, Germany. I was surprised when Siemens nominated me ahead of fellow German colleagues to Speak at an International Conference in Germany. I did a great job there (I hope), thereby getting promoted and also got a hike of around 9% for that particular quarter. (where average hikes in Germany is just around 2-3%) 

Data science are common nowadays…

Yes, Data Science is seen everywhere nowadays! Customer-oriented products – be it Amazon (recommendation lists), Youtube (song suggestions coming up next), Chatbots you see on some modern websites! Location-based ads are also our products to some extent.  

How did the Ted talk go? We are proud of you. Take us through the experience

TEDx – one hell of an experience! 

The kind of energy & the adrenaline rush I got when I look at the other speakers, Unexplainable!

I hope, I gave my best. Now I will sit back and relax and wait for a couple of weeks for the video to go online. I will wait for reviews from our people (because my talk is all about India – a bit of Tamil Nadu as well!)

Your future plans 

I wish to inspire a lot of people. And I want to do that now, at this age! (I’m just 28), not when I’m 40 and more. Only if someone has achieved something in life, people tend to listen to them. So I thought Why not? Let’s do something ! And that something is going on and on! I will keep going! 

Since this interview is for men’s day, a few words about the day. 

Set Massive Goals. Believe in yourself. Do everything that you like (starting from creating a meme, sharing it, watching movies to playing cricket, falling in a relationship) but the Goal you have set should remind you that you should keep going! 

And most importantly, Respect Women! Women play a vital role in shaping up every single man. In my case, Mom, Wife & Sister.

Thank you for the interview, Vijay Pravin Maharajan. You are an inspiration. Hope you achieve more.