Thank you, Big Bang Theory!

For the past two days, I was pushing myself to watch the finale of BBT. I loved the show so much that I couldn’t accept the fact that I had only an episode left to end an amazing journey. Yes, it was an amazing journey because these people were very much part of my life. I don’t watch a lot of series mainly because of the effect it’ll have in me. I handpick the series I love to watch. It was never about good rating but about how it made me feel. I’ve watched sitcoms which many of the people wouldn’t be aware of. I watch them because they made me happy and most importantly, had no effect on my mental health which I know isn’t the strongest when it comes to stories.

BBT was an obvious choice for me while growing up when sitcoms became famous in India. These nerds soon became people of my life and I awkwardly relate to them in a few things. It’s weird though.

Finally, I took a deep breath to watch the finale and before Sheldon’s speech I was all on tears. I never knew that the elevator in the show had an impact on me as well. Everything was emotional. I’m glad that it all ended well and there were no heartbreaks because if there was one, I would have to live with it forever and that’s not something I needed.

As much as I loved the cast, I loved the way it was all written. Though I’ll not say that I’m a fan of every single episode, but I was happy that I was able to see them all every week.

If this wasn’t enough, the season finale of Young Sheldon was just too much for me to handle yet I loved it.

So, this is it. Twelve years of laughter finally comes to an end. Thankfully, I will have re-runs and binge watch all the episodes once again.

BBT, you are special and you always will be ❤️

Thank you for teaching me life and for being there.