Thank you, Chi La Sow

I know it’s been almost a year or so since the release of Chi La Sow. I had to wait this long to catch the movies, blame the subtitles but the wait was worth it.

Maybe, if I watched it earlier, I wouldn’t have found it this impactful. People change. Situations change. I was in a different mind space the last year than I’m now. I’m going through depression and the recent movies that I watched were adding to my depression rather than distracting me. I was looking for something real, relatable and smooth.

To start with, the equal screen space for the female lead doesn’t happen in every movie. It is nice to see that happen at least now, a long due. The things Anjali goes through is almost relatable to every single girl who is forced to an arranged marriage.

Anjali is strong and independent yet vulnerable to emotional attachments. This is again something very relatable and real. The emotional vulnerability is a fight within, something people don’t understand that easily unless they go through the same.

Arjun, who is quick in making decisions, grows from a boy to a man when he comes across the girl and the girl’s problem. Arjun’s bravery when he had to fight the thief and his stupidity when he pushes his limits to get rid of Anjali from the police are very well written and executed.

Of course, my most favourite comedian these days, Vennela Kishore lightens the mood and did make me laugh in all the occasions. He is a gem to Telugu cinema industry. Tamil cinema misses someone like him.

What Chi La Sow has given me is hope. A hope of a miracle that can turn my life upside down. The hope of good things that is not that far. The hope of love on the other side. The hope that life will get better when you meet the right person which you will eventually.

I laughed, I cried throughout the movie. I cried because I could relate it to my life easily. Starting from losing the father to the emotional vulnerability.

This movie will always stay close to my hearts. This might not be the same experience for everyone but for me, it is impactful, has given me a ray of hope in a life that is going bizarrely the same.

Thanks, team. Thanks, Rahul Anna!