The Chinmayi-Sathyaprakash concert

I love concerts. It excites me. The amount of energy it creates is a different level and takes me somewhere else. The energy makes us all forget our problems for a while at least.

Now, Imagine going to a concert by your favourite singer who is also one of the favourite people in this world, and you spend three hours standing close to the stage where they perform. The feeling is just too much for me to put it in words. Yes, it was Chinmayi’s concert today.

The singing always excites her so much, and she has this rare ability to transfer that energy to us all. Today was nothing different. I still wonder where she gets this energy from.

If Chinmayi rocked the stage, Sathyaprakash made us all groove. Mind-blowing is the word. A lot of credits to the entire band as well who were brilliant.

The highlight of the show- well, I loved it all but for the entire crowd- as expected it was Kadhale Kadhale and Anthathi which she had to sing twice because the crowd wanted once more.

I normally observe people and their reactions a lot, and of course, Chinmayi is one of them. I couldn’t take my eyes of her today. She was dancing and was enjoying the songs as much as we did. She has this positive vibes which make me happy no matter what. I was looking forward to this day to watch her sing Kathale Kathale live and for sure I will take the moment to my grave. Today was one of the best evenings of my life despite the fact that I wasn’t able to say Hi to her, and she couldn’t recognize me in the crowd (aama ivanga periya aalu apdiye crowd la avanga kandu pidikka endru self thu-vudan indha write-up mudiththukolkiren)