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The Day.
In this world of stats, fantasy, fan fights, trolls and abuses, cricket is never the same. We don’t see the players as just players anymore. We see the stats. Bring up their record. Trolls. Abuse and the list go on. The world has changed. Most of the people watch the game today because of Dream 11. There used to be a connection. Love.

Nothing excites me more than watching a player you’ve missed for months. Of course, we missed most of them. Blame the COVID. But it feels like ages since we saw Dhoni. Of course, it is. Been more than a year and he even hung his boots now. Watching him in Yellow is all left for us now. I don’t care how he performs here. All I need is to see him bat for the sake of good old days.

I can totally relate to how an MSD fan must be feeling right now. Even today, after years of retirement, the only thing that makes me excited is watching Sachin Tendulkar in the dugout of Mumbai Indians. It’s a feeling that cannot be expressed in words It’s a feeling that a stat cannot give me. It is more than everything. It makes me feel better. Takes me through my bad days. I’m all alive again.

For the next two months, there is going to be some unreal entertainment. I don’t care who wins. I don’t care who loses. I want to see my favourite players and the stars I love do well here. Oh, I have plenty of them. I cannot wait to see them all do well. The IPL is back. Finally.

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