The Proposal

While listening to her favourite RJ cracking a joke, she broke down into laughter.

She hit me while I was giving a “sigh” face as it was a bad joke and she never stopped that *horse neighing* laugh!

Never knew I would propose her at that time but I did.

“Stop it,” she said and hit me again. But never stopped laughing!

“I love you” I proposed again.

The intensity of her laugh decreased but she could not stop it completely.

“Okay, I wont laugh again” said she and shifted the car gear.

“I love you”

“I stopped idiot. Stop kidding now!”. She pressed her lips and controlled her laughter.

“I love you idiot!!!”

“Oh my god. Are you proposing?” said she in excitement and didn’t notice the dog in the road.

Steered her car to the left and banged the tree!

Seat belt saved us and she said YES!