The Super Woman Serena!

Resharing Serena Williams extraordinary story!

Almost a year ago, Serena Williams had to skip Wimbledon after being pregnant (Oh yeah, she won Australian Open when she was three weeks pregnant). The woman, who had to fight a life-threatening pulmonary embolism earlier, had to go through a lot during her delivery as well. It was a C-section and what followed was unimaginable.


The day after giving birth, she had started to think she was suffering from a pulmonary embolism — a blood clot in the lung — something she has previously experienced.

Struggling for breath, she alerted a nurse and was quickly given an ultrasound scan by a doctor.

In the six days that followed, Williams’s C-section scar split open due to her coughing, brought on by the pulmonary embolism.

She also had to undergo surgery to have a filter inserted into a major vein to prevent further clots and was forced to spend six weeks in bed after returning home from the hospital a week after the birth. She couldn’t walk at all. Alexis, her husband stayed at home to help her out completely-from changing diapers to feeding them both.

The worst part includes the system bias against minority women in American health care.

After recovering from all these when she thought she is fully fit to start playing Tennis again, she was asked to stop breastfeeding to get back in shape when her daughter was six months old. She emotionally gave up breastfeeding to get back on the court.

During the French Open, she wore a cat woman suit not only because she thought it was cool, the dress actually helped her to fight against the clots.

Coming to this Wimbledon, Even before the final, she was down emotionally fearing that her clots might return.

From struggling to walk even to the mailbox to ending the Wimbledon as the runner-up, the journey of Serena is something extraordinary. Though Kerber deserved to win today, It is the journey of Serena for me that is making me fall in love with the superwoman again and again.

To end this, this was her post-match presentation speech.

‘To all the moms out there, I was playing for you today and I tried but Angelique played really well. I look forward to continuing to being back out here and doing what I do best.’