This is the superstar we love!

I love different things from different actors. As a fan, I expect a few things from the Superstar. I might like a few of his recent movies that concentrated more on content, the satisfaction of watching a Superstar movie was missing, which I think the most important factor for me. Of course, opinion varies. Of course, not everyone wants the same, not everyone is going to agree with me as well, but to me, I will be okay to watch the same storyline again and again if that is going to give me the ‘Superstar’ satisfaction. Those punch dialogues before the fight, a few comedy which only he can pull it off, the romance and most importantly, the walk and the laughter. Whenever I see all these, whenever I hear all these, it does something to me, something magical.

I’m not the biggest fan of Superstar yet I love all these from the man. Now, Imagine someone who is a diehard fan of his, and he is making the movie with the star. Also, he is one of the good filmmakers from the industry. Looks like Karthik Subbaraj made sure to maintain the both- the fanboyism, the content- at the right level.

The trailer itself is making me go crazy here and probably, after a long time I’m watching the trailer many times. The trailer itself is giving me that ‘superstar’ satisfaction which I didn’t have since the movie Sivaji though I liked a few of his movies in between. Excited.