This is your day, DK

At times, in life, things don’t happen immediately for everyone. Better things take time. Dreams take time.

If that is what you really desire to happen, it will no matter what if you keep working for it no matter what. There will be many ups, there will be many downs. At the end of the day, it is all about how you overcome every single situation that life throws at you, and how you kept fighting back. It’s hard to survive. It’s hard to get up after every single pitfall. It’s hard to get back stronger, but when you keep going by giving your best, there will definitely be a day where better things happen for you.

Sometimes, in life, you have to draw inspiration from others on going forward despite the results. Dinesh Karthik is undoubtedly an inspiration.

For all the falls he had,
For the luck that never favoured him,
For all the mistakes he owns the blame,
Dinesh Karthik is an inspiration.

For keep coming back after every fall,
For breaking the luck factor through hard work,
For learning from the mistakes,
Dinesh Karthik is an inspiration.

This is your day, DK.

From your childhood, you have been waiting for the day to represent India in the World Cup. It took you fifteen years of international career to arrive this day. The wait is over now.

This is your day, DK.