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Though I lead a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and exercise, coronavirus made me weak: Tamannah Bhatia

Tamannah Bhatia has recovered from the virus and is back to work now. The actor’s parents were affected by the virus at first and days after, she also tested positive. She was admitted to a private hospital for more than a week and she came back home, was in self-quarantine before getting back to shoot.

Talking about the recovery and the process to the Hindustan Times, “Even though I lead a healthy lifestyle, follow proper diet and exercise routine, the virus has made me weak. It reacts differently to different people. Whatever your age is, it can affect someone younger also badly like it did to me,” she shares.

“The fear around Covid-19 is understandable. But getting the test done, not hiding your diagnosis and treating yourself on time, really helps. There’s no point in being scared and not helping other people. It’s not like if someone has got the virus, we should runway from that person. We can help them and the family from a distance taking proper precautions. We’ve to fight this situation collectively.”

“I think during my recovery period, I got all the symptoms, from losing the sense of taste and smell, there were fatigue and body ache”, she added.

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