To all the boys I’ve loved before! – Netflix

This movie is a Netflix original and its pure “Teen romance”.


It’s based on the novel which comes with the same name.


This movie is about a girl (Lara Jean) who writes letters to her crushes and never posts it to them. One day she comes to know that her letters are sent to the respective boys by her little sister and how she handles the guys after that is the rest of the story.


Lara’s character was well portrayed. A girl who loves romance but afraids to jump into a romantic relationship.

All those awkard situations she handles after the guys receive the letters are neat.

However, the movie is little dragging and few scenes can be trimmed to make it perfect. But none of the scenes will make you think that it is a poor choice.

This can be your weekend pick or for your cozy autumn nights.

One of my favorite dialogues is It’s not like in the movies. It’s better, because it’s real.”

Image source- Google