We all would have come across a meme which depicts that when a girl finishes her college she will be married and when a guy finishes, he needs to work. However, some tables have turned a little but still, women get married after they work for a year and a half and get settled abroad. Some women will work after the wedding, some women decide not to, some women get decided not to work. This is happening around us all the time.

Some girls will be mature when they are 18, some may not until 28 but, the girl who is getting married should realize that she is not just marrying a man, she must commit herself to the entire family. If not, this entire drama will result as hokum. But all the girls who get married realize that they are going to enter into such a new world? Not at all. Not even 20% if I am not wrong.

So, what this blog is about?

This is for all the girls who are about to get married in a year or girls who just got married and managing to balance themselves or women who are going to take hasty decisions in their marriage life. This applies to both arranged and love marriages.

We all are living in a concrete jungle. We have the sixth sense to differentiate ourselves from the animals but that sixth sense is going to decide what you are up to when you get married. We cannot be straightforward to our in-laws. We cannot confess the fact that we don’t like something we receive to our in-laws. If you have done some good deeds in your life you might get an understanding husband.


If you want your wedding to be remembered as “happily ever after”, you must work towards it.When you do a job well in office when you study well, you get a recognition, but even if you give your best to keep your relationship with your new family smooth, you may not get any recognition. You will be unsung. You may not get praised. But you would have expected it. Please don’t! Enter a relationship without any expectations, only and only if you think that your in-laws are important to your husband, (you need not think them as your parents), but if you consider that they are important to your husband do some sacrifices. It may be petty issues or big ones like, your MIL may not like the way you cook, she may select all your jewelry which are outdated, she expect you to wear the saree she got you for a wedding. This may be out of love or she wants to present her DIL in such way. Its okay to adjust (at times).

There is a way to explain your views to your in-laws. Make sure they don’t get offended, try to do what they want to, once or twice not every single time. Never ask your husband to be your mediator. 
You should stand for yourself. If you are married or unmarried, whatever situation you are in, only you can make the way you want it to be, not your friends or boyfriend or lover or husband.

Think before you get married. Think for a million times after you get married.

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