USD 20 trillion lawsuit filed against China for ‘creation, release of coronavirus’

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Coronavirus is hitting every single country harder. With the whole world is panicking, a Washington-based lawyer Larry Klayman has filed a USD 20 trillion lawsuit against China for the ‘creation and the release of the novel coronavirus’ that has infected more than 334,000 people globally.

In the lawsuit, it is mentioned that China produced the virus in order to use it as the biological weapon against the world and is against many international laws.

“Because China has agreed by treaty to outlaw such weapons, these actions cannot be official governmental actions of the People`s Republic of China and are not subject to any possible claim of legal immunity from suit,” the lawsuit said.

It went on to allege that the purpose of maintaining the virus within the laboratory was to use it to “kill US citizens and other persons and entities in nations perceived to be an enemy of China.

“Although it appears that the COVID-19 virus was released at an unplanned, unexpected time, it was prepared and stockpiled as a biological weapon to be used against China’s perceived enemies, including but not limited to the people of the US,” the complaint said.

Due to the outbreak, many companies lost millions and they were forced to lay off workers as well.

“There is no reason why the American taxpayer should, contrary to the establishment in Washington, DC, have to pay for the tremendous harm caused by the Chinese government,” Klayman said in a statement on his website.