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Mumtaz couldn’t take the fact that Mamathi left the show and Ramya was trying to console her as much as she could. Mahath tried something crazy to convince her but it was highly irritating as always.

The leader designation got expired for Nithya and people who enter the confession room first will be nominated to do the task applied for selecting the leader.

Vaishnavi and Sendrayan were the two contestants and they were asked to get maximum number of hugs from the fellow roommates without letting them know what the task is.

Sendrayan deliberately exposed that the task is to get maximum number of hugs and he got disqualified and Vaishnavi is the winner.

But people were not happy with this decision as Vaishnavi is kind of fake and dominating. They hugged Sendrayan as much as they could but the rules were not kept safe by him and so he was not chosen.

Then came a slight quarreling between Yashika, Mahath, Aishwarya and Shariq. Aishwarya got furious that Shariq never said that he has a girl in his life. The 4 got split and Aishwarya asked the fellow contestants to nominate her for eviction as she doesn’t want to be in the house anymore.

As Nithya and Ananth Vaidhyanathan were chosen as poor performers in the previous luxury budget task they are directly sent to the eviction process.

Since Vaishnavi is the leader and Rythvika and Sendrayan are the best performers in the previous task they cannot be nominated.

The three contestants are,

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