Vijay Sethupathi slams the revocation of Article 370

Vijay Sethupathi who was in Australia to receive his ‘Best Actor’ award for the movie Super Deluxe at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, spoke about the revocation of Article 370, said that it is against democracy.

“It is against democracy. Periyar had said earlier itself that people themselves should decide on their problems and issues. Can I interfere in the affairs of your house? It is you who live there… I can be concerned about you, but cannot impose my decisions on you. Both of these are different.”

His opinion comes a few days after Superstar Rajinikanth congratulated Modi-Shah duo and lauded the Government for the move.

“Really my heartfelt congratulations for your Mission Kashmir operations, sir. The way you conducted it, hats off, especially the speech you delivered in Parliament, fantastic sir, fantastic,” He said.

Meanwhile, most of the parties, the public are divided in opinion about scrapping article 370.