Vikram Lander found; was not a soft landing: ISRO

On Sunday, ISRO has stated that the orbiter of Chandrayaan 2 which is performing well as intended and is picking up images of the lunar surface, has captured the thermal image of Vikram Lander which on the lunar surface now.

However, the mission to accomplish soft-landing is a failure and the lander had hard-landing. While the communication to the lander has been lost, 90-95% of the mission has been accomplished.

When asked about the damage due to hard-landing, former ISRO official has commented that the damage cannot be prevented as the lander didn’t travel on the desired velocity.

As covered earlier, even if there is a tiny difference in approach velocity, the lander might get lost.

Still, India was very close in achieving something really big. Maybe it is just the beginning of something bigger.