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Viral video: Police man runs 2Kms to clear traffic jam to make way for ambulance

A cop from Hyderabad is winning hearts for his gesture on Monday.

A video surfaced on social media recently and it had a cop running almost two kilometers to clear traffic jam to make way for an ambulance.

An ambulance was stuck between Abids GPO Junction and Andhra Bank Koti when the cop G. Babji noticed that it was struggling to move through the traffic, he ran asking the people to make way for the ambulance.

He even ran beyond the jurisdiction of his police station to ensure this. A person, who was in the ambulance shot the video and uploaded it.

The effort of Babji, attached to Abids Traffic Police Station, was praised by motorists who cheered and clapped for him. 

The cop said that the appreciation he got from the people gave him satisfaction.

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