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Virat Kohli finally reacts to Farokh Engineer’s rant about Anushka Sharma

Former Indian cricketer Farokh Engineer recently ranted about Indian selectors and their job. He made a creepy comment telling that the selectors were busy serving tea for Anushka Sharma.

The actress made a beautiful reply and soon Engineer apologized.

After months, Indian captain Virat Kohli opened up about the comments.

“She came for one World Cup game against Sri Lanka and the family box and the selector box was different, and there was no selector in that box. She came with two friends. As I said, she is known, she’s been successful at a very high level so when people take her name, it gets noticed,” Kohli told India Today.
“You want to mention something about the selectors do that, but why join her name with it. When the lies are spoken so much all around, they start becoming truths. So you need to speak up at some stage and that’s exactly what happened recently.
“So much has been said about her and so much comes out about her. The value system that she has and her beliefs and the nature she has, it won’t allow her to go against rules and protocols. So I don’t know why people have wanted to sensationalise stories by taking her name because she’s a soft target. We both had been ignoring it for a while,” Kohli added.

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