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We were worried: Suresh Raina opens up about his son’s birth

Suresh Raina who recently became father, opened up that he was worried about the situation, blame the lockdown. He also added that Delhi doctors are doing a great job despite the lockdown.

Since India is facing a 21 days lockdown, the situation is difficult for the pregnancy.

“We (his family) were worried with everything that has been happening around, more so as the due date was getting closer. Though my wife Priyanka and I’ve been extra cautious but things were getting worse every day. I must say that doctors in Delhi are doing an amazing job. They’ve been caring and patient towards all our queries. People are in a state of panic yet the way they’re keeping their cool, it’s commendable!”

“Those who’re expecting a child and are worried how they’ll manage, let me tell you, please stay calm and cooperate. The authorities are doing a good job here,” he added.

He also spoke about how he made sure that he was there for his wife.

“My wife needs to eat food, medicines etc on time. Given her condition, she needed back, legs and feet massages, but we can’t call for a masseuse now, so I’m doing all of that, besides taking care of Grace,” he added.

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