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Firstly, let me make this clear before you get your expectations high while reading this musing because this writing cannot be as excellent as the wedding.

To talk about how this entire week has gone, I have to start from the beginning- The planning.

After witnessing an ‘incomplete engagement’ because of Arvind, my expectations with the marriage indeed doubled.

The planning for the wedding started like months back. I mean the entire family faced the same level of anxiety. Just like every other wedding, the ‘mandatory Whatsapp’ group was on, and we had almost every single crappy decisions about our attires (well, there were few handpicked good-final ones). Maybe, that happens with every wedding, but this one was something special which I fail to put into words.

Getting straight to the big five days which started with the Mehendi.
It’s been years since the Mehendi kissed my hands, something I always loved.


Where will I start?

Initially, I was uncomfortable. I wasn’t expecting people to dance there. I wasn’t expecting an uncountable queue for the Mehendi. Yes, I was the last one to get it done, but it was fun. Especially to witness all beautiful ladies shaking their legs for peppy numbers. When I thought that was all, the Sangeet was unimaginable. Probably, that’s the best of all the occasions we had. It was perfectly organised with some graceful performances on stage and some serious dance off stage.
With few surprise packages especially from Anitha (I couldn’t resist mentioning). I never had even a slight thought that you could dance this way. I totally enjoyed, cannot wait to see more of it.

What was the best about this day?
Everybody wanted to shake their legs. They had no trouble or fear in doing that. That doesn’t happen every day.
To phrase it, We danced for hours as if the ‘night was still young’.

Sad that the bride and bridegroom couldn’t dance that day. I still feel sorry for that!

The Sangeet not only had us all groove but also ate all our energy. Almost everyone was half sleep in both the wedding and the reception. In between the both, we had ‘vilaiyaadal’ which was once again fun. I still believe that those games were personalized for Arvind by our Shanthi Perima, the chief host.

The reception and marriage were like the traditional one, which we normally see yet it was fun because of the people I was around.

How can I forget to mention about the food?
Incredibly delicious!

Probably, this is the first wedding where we, cousins all are ‘grown up’. This made the occasion, every single minute of it, memorable.

At the end of all five days, it was a heartwarming week which will be hitched in my memories forever.

Sahana- I still wonder how you carry the grace this easy. I neither have seen nor I will see someone as different as you. Just like everybody, I’m happy to have you, and I’m sure you will feel like home here. Hugs, Take care.

To all others- Guess, this is the first time we all were together for like days. I cannot wait for another similar occasion.

Sangeetha Akka, Prash- We missed you both very badly. It would’ve been even more special.

Prash, hope your wedding once again unites the entire family.

To end this rant, I’m happy that the efforts have paid off. It was one hell of a week. Happy that we all were together to witness it!

When he saw her for the first time,
He neither felt like she was a stranger nor it’s a love at first sight.
He felt a spark, a connection, a familiarity, a feel that she belongs to him.
It was like the result of his soul search.
It was like- oh, it’s you!
Hello, Soulmate!
Where have you been these days?

He promised to catch her laughter and tears,
and cherish them as souvenirs
She was like the shadows from the past.
The one that will last.
The spell you would love to cast.

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