I’m not surprised to see this team go and win the Under 19 World Cup but you know what, it’s emotional!

Finally, the man who was overshadowed by his fellow players in most of the occasions, get his hands to a World Cup.
Seeing his face, It’s super emotional.

India certainly is the better team. After the slump in the Asian Cup, the addition of few players to the team remarkably did make a difference.

It is not all Dravid. The talent this team possess is incredible. Let’s not give it all only to the big man, the young lads did well too. We are the most successful Under 19 team in the World Cup, with four to our name. There are players who were successful at the senior level after under 19 World Cup. This IPL will be the starting point for many of them.

What’s the difference Dravid made to this team? 
Look at this team. We aren’t tested even for a match. Dravid (now, Pujara) is that kind of player who knows their strength well. They will make the opposition to bowl to their strength. In that way, they enjoy success.

He made each and everyone understand their strength.

When Gill and Shaw didn’t deliver, Kalra stepped up! 
We had bowlers picking up all the 60 wickets in the tournament.

Dravid is a team player, and someone who loves to win constantly but he is also gracious in the defeat.

He did teach the players how to bounce back after the Asia cup. Not only that, he even taught them to be polite to their opposition.

Unlike many other coaches, he gives freedom to everyone when it comes to their game.

Right from his birthday celebration to an advertisement, I never have seen Dravid in that way. Shows how much he bonds with the team and how much the youngsters respect the big man.

I’m happy for this team, I’m happy for India!

Also, Congrats Australia to come this far! Loving the way that they are taking this defeat in a good manner.

I’m eager to see most of the players from the under 19 world cup to do well at the international level. There are so many talents I can point out.