While Parthiv Patel’s life on the ground is bad, he is suffering from personal life too!

Royal Challengers Bangalore is going through a tough phase having lost all their matches so far.

While life on the ground, the result isn’t convincing, the life off the ground for Parthiv Patel isn’t going great as well. His father suddenly fell one day and is suffering from brain haemorrhage.

During the month of February, Parthiv Patel tweeted about it, two months on there is not much improvement to his health. Imagine his mental health. If that’s bad, he travels straight home from the stadium and returns to the team the next day. Imagine the physical health as well. Parthiv is not 20 but 34.

“When I am playing, nothing crosses my mind, but once a game is over, my heart is at home. The day begins with asking about my father’s progress, keeping in touch with doctors, sometimes I have to take some important decisions. My wife and mother are at home but when it comes to taking any final decision, my approval is sought. The initial phase was critical – should we switch off the ventilator for a few days, or how much oxygen should be given. Such decisions are very tough to take,” he told The Indian Express.

“On match days, there have been several times when my family has taken decisions and let me know only after the game. They don’t want to distract me. It takes a mental toll but what can one do? Honestly, there were some negative thoughts before but now the family is prepared for the struggle we are going through,” he was quoted as saying.