Why Chandrayaan 2 still a success

Millions of Indians witnessed a heartbreak today morning when the lander Vikram went silent and ISRO lost communication with the lander. First of all, to make a million stay awake early in the morning is itself a huge achievement.

What should have been a historic moment was not, but certainly, it is a big learning curve and it wasn’t completely a failure.

There might be a slight chance that it was just the communication glitch and the lander might have landed safely and still its good to go. If only.

We are allowed to believe. Let’s believe for a miracle.

Of course, this mission isn’t a complete failure because the orbiter is super safe and is already collecting data from the moon. While the orbiter will be doing science on space for at least a year and will collect precious data from the moon, might also capture the position of the lander.

Whatever it is, nobody has accomplished glory in a single attempt. There was more than 30 satellite tried to reach the moon and fell apart. Only a few got it almost right. I mean it needed 11 Apollo attempts to send a man to the moon. Now that India knows where the glitch was, things can be rectified. Still, India’s track record to space is the highest. Most importantly, ISRO had a great number of women working in the mission, which again, is the empowerment we all wanted.

Undoubtedly, the failure is the best teacher and the team is only going to come back stronger.

As PM Modi said, the best is yet to come. Chin up, ISRO.

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