Why Friends Reunion is special?

When these six people walked back into the set, it felt like a homecoming. They were living a part of our dreams. This wasn’t only about them but about us as well.

Most of us would have watched the show when we were all young, in college where life demanded nothing, literally nothing. We were all completely clueless at one point in life and our friends used to be our family. We went through all our major firsts with them. Be it first the main job, crush, love, fight and everything.

Some might relate to living with friends in some faraway place, some fancied that. As years went by, our lives moved on, priorities changed and we don’t see our actual friends as often as we used to. Still, We all got to live that life through Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross. The re-runs helped us to reminisce things. Took us back to our happy place.

Sometimes, it helped us to get through difficult situations, gave us comfort, made us laugh and escape reality. We all crushed over the actors and kept them close to our hearts. Of course, everyone had a different experience while watching it. Of course, a lot of scenes are problematic today and doesn’t land well.

Today, there might be a million shows that are better and less problematic than Friends but this show will stay special just like our first love. Also, for giving us the happy ending everyone longed for.

No matter how the reunion was, this is still special because of the actors in it, for the lives they have touched and literally saved.

Also, this reunion marked the true end of an era as this is likely the final time we got to see all the six members together on stage, talking about the show.

To everyone, who made it happen, the reunion is probably the best thing that had happened in recent times. Thank you for this. Also, thank you for all the revelations during the reunion, the show will never be the same again.

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