Favourite films 2019: Why I liked Petta!

Why I liked Petta?

I became a Rajini veriyai right before I know the meaning of “fan”. My mom used to say that I stand right from the start till the end of his movies in theatres.

When Petta motion poster, first look ,promo, trailer released, the “high” it gave to me can never be compared to anything else in my life.

Karthik Subburaj being a thalaivar fan himself very well knew what “bhaktas” like me actually expect from one agmark thalaivar movie and he delivered as I visioned.

When I saw the title card of Superstar (the lights when they shine one by one tracing those letters), I screamed as much as I could.

Next is thalaivar’s romancing style. It will be a mix of love and wit. The way he feels shy while looking at Simran and the counters he gave while meeting her , every frame reminded me of thalaivar in his movies like Muthu, Annamalai, Padaiyappa.

The dialogue delivery of ” Naan veezhven ena ninaithaayo”, is more than enough for a “rasigai” like me. When thalaivar raises his eyebrows and says this gives you goosebumps and make you scream “thalaivaaaa”.

His moustache and entire look when he played Trisha’s love is something to die for.

When he said ” Evanukkachu pondati pulla kutti sentiment irundha apdiye odi poiru, kola gaandula iruken, kollama vida maaten! ” and the way he smiles while delivering” Sirappaana, tharamaana sambavangala inimethaan parkapora” takes us back to his 80’s movies like Ranga, Murattu kaalai, Billa.

Most of his movies have songs which deliver inspiration quotes for life and well being. “Ullala” has a different rythm but it is one among such songs.

The way he pushes the hostel gate and the background lyrics, “getha nadandhu varaan gate ah ellam kadandhu varaan”, if you are a die hard fan you will cry out of joy while watching these scenes.

I became a Thalaivar fan because of my sister. And when I drafted this write-up, I asked her, “Why you liked Petta?”. Her reply was , “‘Coz it’s thalaivar movie”.

Last but not the least, The BGM!

Petta Paraak!