Why I loved ’96

I watch movies alone. There are a few theatres near my place, and If I feel like watching a movie, just like that I drop by, and normally there will be tickets. Probably, for the second time to my knowledge, I saw the house-full board for like two consecutive days for the timing I asked for. Finally, today I got tickets. Mudhalvan was the last time I saw this level of response in the theatre near my house.

I firmly believe that ‘relatability’ plays an important role in art be it any form. If you produce an art that your audience can relate to, you are a winner. The director wisely used the scenes to rekindle our memories while conveying his story. I guess most of us would’ve seen themselves in the movie or at least they can relate it to any of their friends. I’m no exception here.

Every single person in the movie literally lived as the character, right from Devadarshini to Varsha Bollama. Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha share a beautiful on-screen chemistry, and the youngsters Gouri Kishan and Adithya Bhaskar come close to that.

I didn’t release till the end that the second half majorly had only Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha. I don’t remember when was the last time the movie was this intense and had an impact on me. It took me months to come out of Jessi and Karthik and now, I guess, it is going to take years for me to come out of Ram and Jaanu.

As I always say, there is something special about Trisha and this movie is yet another example of it. In Mounam Pesiyathe, there will be a scene where she says ‘pesalame’. That was one of the cutest scenes ever for me and this movie has given a lot of such scenes. Whenever the scene stops for a bit, Govind Vasantha chips in. He even makes the best use of the silence to make the movie even more intense.

Being a die-hard fan of Chinmayi, this movie is a treat. Of course, I’m so happy that ’96 happened. Her version of Yamunai Yaatrile is still ringing in my ears.

For me, most of the movies are just entertainment. I find it difficult to connect with a lot of movies, and if I do, I get all emotional, and this movie did make me all emotional. Guess, I’m going to take a lot of time to recover from this.

Thank you, Premkumar for this. Thank you, every single actor in the movie for making this possible.

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